A Catalytic Converter reduces harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter works by converting gases into water vapour and less harmful gases.

Catalytic convertors are so efficient that the difference in emission readings for cars with convertors and those without are huge. The good news is that catalytic convertors have a good life expectancy, but still need to be checked periodically for internal and external damage.

A Diesel Particulate Filter is a device fitted to most modern diesel engine cars and vans that are designed to remove diesel particulate matter, or soot, from the exhaust gas emitted by the vehicle. Some DPFs are designed to be used only once, needing replacement when they are full. Other Diesel Particulate Filters are designed to burn off the gathered particulates with the use of a catalyst or by running an in-built engine program, when required, that injects extra fuel into the combustion process thus causing the exhaust temperature to increase and reach a level that incinerates the trapped soot in the filter.


Here at Tony Banks we can replace or repair any Catalytic Converter or DPF problem. A common fault with catalytic converters lies within the flexi section, we can replace these with a much stronger stainless steel flexi without having to replace the full CAT sections which often proves to be extremely costly. We can also supply and fit new Lambda ports and sensors.

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