Electronic Exhaust Speakers

We also offer the installation of electronic exhaust speakers for those who want a little extra roar from their vehicle. With our high-quality products and expert installation, you can add some real character to your car’s exhaust sound.

We work with electronic exhaust speaker companies such as Thor, Panthera, IX sound and Kufatec to provide you with the best options for your vehicle.


  • Enhanced exhaust sound for a sportier drive
  • Fully adjustable settings to control volume and tone
  • Can be switched between different sound profiles
  • Easy installation without any modifications to your existing exhaust system

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Would you like to experience the powerful rumble of an 8-cylinder engine? Introducing THOR, a groundbreaking electronic exhaust system. With just one metal-encased super powerful loudspeaker and a mobile application, you can transform your vehicle into a legendary sports car. Every day will feel like owning a brand new car!